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About Us

It is often said that life’s experiences are what mold you and every success story begins with a dream. My name is Elisa Lysiak, I never had a birthday party as a little girl. I never had a day to make me feel special or unique. That is why I was filled with the passion and purpose to create Bubblegum Divas®.   

Bubblegum Divas® is a special occasion clothing company that creates unique outfits to make little girls feel empowered, special, and important. And what better day to do this than on their birthday!

Bubblegum Divas® help parents of young girls celebrate their special day year after year. You can capture photographed memories on your diva’s special day that last a lifetime and will be age-stamped with our beautiful wears. You can begin building a timeline of birthday memories for each age she turns by purchasing a Bubblegum Divas® birthday outfit every year. Bubblegum Divas® sparkle from head to toe.

Our unique assortment of handmade birthday apparel is available for ages 1 to 12. We offer unparalleled quality at affordable prices. Once the party is over, you can save the outfit to their memory box or share it with a less fortunate child.

We’d love to watch your child grow year after year, so send us a photo and tell your friends about where to find the cutest birthday clothes and spread the love of Bubblegum Divas®.

Bubblegum Divas® would love to customize your shopping experience. Give us a call at (951) 595-8148

Elisa Lysiak (center) with birthday girls Izzy and Sophia.

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